After some big delays, Dashman is finally starting its beta program. The reason why it was delayed is during internal testing we discovered some systematic problems that didn’t make Dashman robust enough for the big corporations that showed interest in deploying them company-wide. Because of that, we rebuilt it from the ground up, learning from our mistakes and achieving new goals:

  • A much more robust product that I trust to put in thousands of computers.
  • A simpler more maintainable architecture that will allow me to provide better quality.
  • An easier path to hire more developers to meet the demands of a wider user base.

Without further ado, do you want to try the beta? If you are within 150km of London, UK, we would like to pay you a visit and see how you get along with it, take notes, and then help you with the deployment so you can make the most out of Dashman. If you are not close enough to London, we’d like to do this over Skype or Google Hangouts for now and maybe later we’ll manage to increase our reach, and even visit other countries (let me know where you are and we might do a bit of a tour if there’s enough people in your area).

To participate in the beta, please, send us an email to info@dashman.tech.