Compared to the previous version of Dashman, 1.0 beta 1, this one contains 11 new features and 20 bug fixes. Among other things:

  • Connecting displayers and renderers by using email address.
  • Saving a site as a new site, duplicating the record.
  • Discarding changes to a site, to return to the currently saved state.
  • Signed installer, so, no more warnings (hopefully).

We enjoy adding new features to Dashman, but what we enjoy the most is fixing crashes. Every time Dashman crashes we get an automatic notification and after fixing it, it is one less crash that will happen in the future.

If you’d like to try Dashman 1.0 beta 2, please, send us an email to info@dashman.tech telling us when it would be a good time to have a short conversation over Skype, so that we can understand your needs and give you access to the beta. It’ll take about 45 minutes and you’ll need to Skype from the Windows computer in which you’ll install Dashman.