I was asking my friend Alex Papadimoulis for advice on the direction of Dashman and instead of addressing my question directly, he strongly advice me that I needed a board of advisors. Not one to miss the irony in that exchange, I immediately asked him if he wanted to be the first member of my board of advisors and he said yes. I do remember when I was working at Google and a colleague asked me why I had all the best stuff on my desk, cool keyboard, keyboard tray, ergonomic chair, etc. I didn’t know, I just asked for the stuff. I guess sometimes all you have to do is ask. I asked Alex and two other people and now Dashman has a board of advisors:

  • Alex Papadimoulis: I first met him when he was running The Daily WTF and I was running Hear a Blog. He’s the Chief Whisky Officer at Inedo, a company that is kicking ass at selling products to a market that’s very similar as Dashman’s potential main market. He’s also been in tech business for years so he’s advise as wisdom in how to run Dashman and where to go from here is invaluable.
  • Daniel Magliola: We met in secondary school. We co-founded Hear a Blog together. He knows the history of Dashman, even to technical details, since the days in which it was called Screensaver Ninja. As this is a solo-venture, having someone to bounce off technical ideas is a great resource. He’s also very conservative in his decisions which balances out my liberal application of tech.
  • Sarah Law: She is a medical doctor and she’s my girlfriend, which makes me hesitate about including her. I wanted to have someone from outside tech to keep me grounded and Sarah also has the most amazing conflict resolution skills I’ve ever witnessed in a person. She’s also very familiar with my temperament and can help identify when I’m working obsessively hard towards a goal or when I’m procrastinating and ignoring something difficult.

I am very excited about this new chapter in Dashman. I strongly believed in the product, I needed it to exist and I want it to exist (otherwise, I wouldn’t be pouring all my savings into it).