Dashman gets a board of advisors

I was asking my friend Alex Papadimoulis for advice on the direction of Dashman and instead of addressing my question directly, he strongly advice me that I needed a board of advisors. Not one to miss the irony in that exchange, I immediately asked him if he wanted to...

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Well, that was embarrassing

We recently released Dashman 1.0.0 beta 3 and the reception was, well, embarrassing. There were a lot of issues that people run into that made Dashman unusable for them. We use Sentry to collect error reports and we got plenty of reports. That was very useful and we...

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Coal vs Nuclear vs Wind vs Gas

Did you know that in the UK and France, there's a public dashboard of information about the power grid? It shows you all the different types of power produced right now as well as over time during the year. You can put it on Dashman and feel like you are running the...

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