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If you are searching for Screensaver Ninja, you are at the right place. Screensaver Ninja is now called Dashman.

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The ultimate dashboard manager for your office.


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We just started the beta program. If you want to beta test Dashman, please, sign up here.

Which platforms are you interested in?
Powering the dashboard on the wall or your desk.

Control all your wall-mounted dashboards, commandeer any idle screen at your company, share dashboards with your workforce, and make information ubiquitous.

This is not a web application: it displays web applications. You select which ones to show, for how long, and where, and Dashman makes it happen.

Total Control

Total Control

Configure all your dashboards, no matter how many you have, from a single computer with our centralized configuration system.



Security from day one with end to end encryption so you and only you can access your critical data. Not a third party, not even us, just you.



Native support for Mac OS and Windows to begin with. Depending on user demand, Linux, Apple TV, iOS, Android, etc coming later.

Logged In

Logged In

Stay logged in for the websites that require them and if they log you out, refresh all your dashboards from a single location.



Powered by the same tech as Google Chrome, it can handle virtually every web page out there.



With custom CSS and JavaScript per page, make the most of your screen real estate.

Who is interested in Dashman?


What is VESA?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association and they produce a bunch of standards related to video, monitors, etc but most people, when they say VESA, refer to the VESA mount or, more correctly known as Flat Display Mounting Interface. Long story short, it...

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Our end-to-end encryption system, part 1

When we described the new architecture for Dashman, we talked about end to end encryption but we didn't go into a lot of detail. Let's do that now. Some definitions First, let me define what we mean by end to end encryption. It means that the data that is protected...

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Praise from the previous version

Dashman is a new version of an older product we built without as many of the capabilities. This is some of the praise we received for that version.

Dashman breathes new life into our conference room and hallway monitors, keeping our engineering and sales teams on top of their daily goals.

Chris Midgley

CTO & co-founder, Unidesk

Great for offices, this allows you to easily display important analytics, stats and tweets so everyone can keep up to date with the latest metrics!

Ria Blagburn

Co-founder, Emble

Within minutes I had my big screen up and running, and I’ve also turned every other screen in the company into a dashboard showing different stats.

Daniel Magliola

Software Engineer, Freelancer