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per computer, per month


Only the computers that display web sites will be counted. It doesn’t matter if you use the stand-alone displayer application or the screensaver, it’ll be counted as one. Also, it doesn’t matter how many monitors you connect to the computer or how many displayers you run in it, it’ll be counted as one.

Computers in which you run the main Dashman application or the renderer application will not be counted unless they are also displaying web sites in which case they are counted like any other displaying computer.


If you have three big screens on your office, two connected to one computer and one connected to another computer and then you run one renderer in a secure location and from time to time you start Dashman on your own laptop to select which sites to display, you would be paying $10/month.

If you have an office with 20 computers and 5 big screens all with their own computers and you display web sites on the big screens, you would be paying $25/month and if you display web sites on every single computer making your dashboards truly ubiquitous, you’d be paying $125/month.


If you need to buy an annual package due to how your organization does purchases, get in touch with us and we’ll put something together for you.

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